Your Soul Mate Contract Reading

A Soul Mate contract is a far more fuller, more dynamic, more mysterious agreement than is measured by romantic love. Therefore, soul mates are the ones assigned to your life that always have to do with your truth, and not with your illusions.

This new available version of synastry chart reading and intuitive coaching offers you the chance to get stock of everything you need to know to tap into the optimal potential of your relationship, whether this involves a love partner, a spouse, one of your parents, a sibling or one of your children. That can also be about a declared enemy who does not seem to get away from your life, since they are likely under contract not to, until at least one of you understands the nature of your ongoing soul mate affair.

This also means that, among other things, this unique session with me will let you activate your inner Knight/Damsel Power pair.

If you want to take your soulmate relationship to the next level as a co-creator and you book your session with me, I will schedule a time that is suitable for both of us. Accordingly, our meeting will happen through Zoom, with our camera off, and you get my permission to record the audio so that you can access the file whenever you need to. So, before you make the payment, please make sure that you have the app properly downloaded in your computer to record the session (apparently, in many cell phones the option to record the conversation is not available).

To book your session with me, click on the payment button (you can use either Paypal or credit card) and I will soon reach back to you to inquire about your birth data and those of your soul mate:


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