Your Soul Mate Contract Reading

A Soul Mate contract is a far more fuller, more dynamic, more mysterious agreement than is measured by romantic love. Therefore, soul mates are the ones assigned to your life that always have to do with your truth, and not…

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Tu Contrato Sagrado – Compañer@s del Alma

El contrato que tienes con tus Compañer@s del Alma es un acuerdo mucho más completo, más dinámico, más misterioso de lo que el amor romántico nunca podría medir. Por lo tanto, tus Compañer@s del Alma son aquellas personas que se…

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A time for Sacred Activism: Delving into Aries through symbolic sight

The implications of this Aries facet of who we are so immensely powerful that we have mostly been acculturated to ...

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The scaffolding of our intuitive capacities: the Jupiter & Venus aspects to the Sun as clauses of Purification

I see the Sun-Venus and Sun-Jupiter aspects (or the absence of them) as clauses in our Soul Contract, through which we can tap into all this Purification potential that facilitates a rewiring of our relationship to our intuitive capacities

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Remake your Self-Esteem in 22 Days: Revolutionizing your inner Self-Relationship

«Remake your Self-Esteem in 22 Days», in this powerful book I offer you a quantum practical avenue to revolutionize and re-vibrate your inner self-relationship through a holistic remake of your Self-Esteem. Your Self-Esteem is a vibrational system that is based…

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