Aspects of Pluto, Chiron, and the initiation of the fires of the Apocalypse. Archetypal Astrology

Aspectos Quirón Plutón
Aspects Of Chiron, Pluto

If you were born between 1958 and 1973 can you have active in your horoscope the famous opposition Chiron-Pluto, in orb flashing during those years. And if you were born in the decade of the 80's, you may be in a no less important aspect of Inconjunto or Quincuncio between your Chiron, and Pluto natal. This is a crucial aspect of 150º to which I grant an orb of up to 8 and that throws a karmic information essential for the astrology traditional often overlooked. Aspects Pluto Chiron is a gold mine, because they symbolize the alchemical transformation that we need to submit our personality to be put at the service of the Soul.

The Initiation of the Fires of the Apocalypse via the Aspects Pluto Chiron

In this 2020 we are very sensitive to these contacts, as we need to enter in the frequency imposed by the need to Evolve into the Age of Aquarius. Leave behind the mattress of the ramblings, the hoaxes, the common places, and the wordiness easy unrelated to the whole adulthood spiritual.

If you have aspects between Pluto and Chiron natales, you're call@ now to activate archetypes emerging as the Boddhisatva, the Visionary, the Orphan, the Anarchist, the Humanitarista, the Guide, the revolutionary comrades@, among others. Many of us already brought it in these patterns to the incarnation (as can be seen in your Contract Sacred) and we are custodians of the New Era. As can be seen from the aspects in your chart between Chiron and Uranus, and your Moon natal, among other possible configurations.

This experience of adjustment and transition, far from giving you a free ticket to any mothership magic comes to the rescue of your suffering, and compensate for the privileges neglected your Victim's interior, predicts a period of chaos and desordenación for most. A period that is everything but easy, clean, comfortable and manageable with your thinking... The rational mind here is out of the game - in the end.

Aspects of Pluto, Chiron, and the transformation of the personality

Those who have been working with your Shadow in a sustained way at least since Saturn moving through the degree 0º Capricorn, you will sail with the most power, tools, and, therefore, have more options. Those who have done and are doing individual sessions with me, you know the art of a cycle of chaos and desordenación. So, you know see and seize opportunities, where some only see Revelation: catastrophe and fears.

My mention of the book of Revelation is not so much because it creates or see who reaches the end of the world literally, because what we have activated right now with the climate of the zodiac are the sephiroth below the Tree of Life. Here the pathways that represent the blades of the tarot of the Final Judgment and The World (along with the Tower, the Sun, the Moon and the Emperor) we are screaming for us to take this Leap in our consciousness, from the hand of our Guides.

And this jump does not give "thinking", or imagining that you do it. The Jump give it to running it, for which you need to make a contribution (or sacrifice), put in place your lower chakras that now you have sluggish because of your hyperactivity in your chakra 6th, driven by forces external to yourself.

Similarly to what you propose aspects Chiron-Uranus in your natal chart, the contacts Chiron-Pluto rekindle their flames with the present emphasis planetarium in Capricorn. With the stress of Mars Rx in Aries you're going to remember that you are a be both mortal and immortal, a paradox vital that can neither sustain nor live with your rational mind, and for that you need to activate your Heart and Intuitive for your System, Mystical and Emotional.

What is more important, the way in which you attend to both aspects of yourself, your condition of god is inextricably linked to the condition of human, it is solely your responsibility and choice. It is your task to merge, the heat of these fires initiation, the divine and the human within you. 

That is to say, it is your task to let you teach how to reconcile the instincts and the pain of human suffering and animal, with genius and the divine inspiration that lives in you, and the guidelines co-creative and inspiration that you receive under your Contract to be Sacred.

You can learn not to "succumb" to the lead of the repetition (Saturn as a symbol of the ego wounded and the supremacy of the dictates of survival) and the poison from the wound (the side saturnino wound quironiana).

You can access the Release that promises the side uraniano mystic of Chiron, as is the potential of the Age of Aquarius, then you need tools that the guidelines we have put at your disposal.

If you're not in sustained contact with your Shadow, what happens is that when you get a beam of power from your soul ( as would be the case if you have very narrow between your personal planets and the outer planets), when the only thing you need to get through life is your ego hurt, your system does not have the Strength to handle such Power, such Grace, that wants to manifest through you.

If you are-call@ to be repectáculo of that Call of Power, but the desoyes, you will notice that from now on, the events you are going to go more and more of the hands, not being able to drive with your mind. And you're going to experience chaos unmanageable in your life...

Because the Truth is that, in order to activate the emerging archetypes of Aquarium inside it and display its voltage in your reality you have to first disable the patterns of Pisces still creating, and managing your life. Among these archetypes your Adict@, your Codependent, your Victim, your Messiah and your Niñ@ Reject@ are the most important and urgent. 

Therefore, if you are still hadn't confronted your wounds and your patterns of behavior more compulsive, now comes the moment of truth. Because you're going to give an account of how still wanting to escape to transcendence, to continue fleeing the incarnation as have you been doing all your life, keep avoiding to be present unconditionally to what you are experiencing at this very moment, is not viable.

Your time to Repeat it ended. This is one of the implications of "the fusion of the wave and the particle" I've been talking about throughout the past year.

Chiron is in our individual horoscope and as often in the group to take the responsibility of our existence and what we choose to experience in this incarnation. It is there to embrace our vulnerability deadly and, from that acceptance and presence, connect with each other in the heat of the Mystic Law that Tod@s Somos Un@.

The Initiation for the Fire of Transformation

The alternative is to ignore the mandate cosmic-up installed in the chaos, no creation of anything new. In that case, occur in the fires of the Apocalypse, instead of reuniting and re-invent the 4 elements, it refers more to the experience of what we have come to know it as Purgatory on our journey by land, the fires of calcinatio alchemical left in nothing and fail to transmutation any not having vestige real, vibrating in all and each one of the chakras of consciousness.

This is what happens when indulgimos in a spirituality that is opaque, sound bites supported by the cultural filter, memes, gifs and easy formulas that build up layers of makeup to hide the gap existential ego wounded individual

The time of being a passive spectator and irresponsible ended. 

Apocalypse Now

Your house 8, and the territory that govern Pluto and Scorpio in your horoscope, whether or not you have planets in them, they are the meeting point between your Personality and your Higher Self. If you check this link, this vacuum sacred, activate your multidimensional Self to the bridge to the outer planets, which means that you you will open progressively to frequency and voltage are increasingly high.

Therefore, if you aspire to truly co-create your life and to be a Channel of Power, you need to understand the state in which are your 3 houses of Water and the interaction between them, which then leads to what you believe of how it manifests in your reality.

To start, you need to understand crucially patterns constellated in the Background of the Sky, or Ic. These are the basis of how you're creating your reality, and, in addition, they are not YOUR employers - are that you inherited. Until not distinguish you from them, you will not be able to create anything your own.

You have Two Free Tutorials on my web page at your disposal so that you can begin to understand how these dynamics work in you.

You can learn how it works and how you can activate your Heart's Intuitive to begin to navigate your System Bio-Mystical and access all the resources you will need throughout this year in my book:

Astrology, Archetypal, Archetype, Intuitive Astrology, Astrology Karmic

House 4, the Background of the Sky and the Vertical Axis –

Tutorials 1 and 2

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