The Part of Fortune in the Houses – A Refreshing Look at an Old Calculated Point

by Rosana Cueto Merayo

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«Man´s consciousness was created to the end that it may (1) recognize its descent form a higher unity; (2) pay due and careful regard to this source; (3) execute its commands intelligently and responsibly; and (4) thereby afford the psyche as a whole the optimum degree of life and development.»
 – C.G.Jung, Aion, Vol. 9 II, Collected Works

The Part of Fortune is the most well-known among the calculated points known as the Arabic Parts or Lots. Even though it is no celestial body, I have found that they work wonders for obtaining a fresh, empowering direction about our destiny as individuals, the path of personal development that C.G. Jung called individuation.

This mysterious ancient point’s undeniable mysticism and strong magnetism derive from its calculation from three central variables in the birth chart: the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. So, whether you are a lover or a hater of including any classical points in your analysis, you will benefit from accessing an insightful interpretation of how these three pillars in the horoscope are fully interacting and cooperating or, to the contrary, have not quite been able to reach an agreement yet!

It is important to know that the procedure for calculating the Part of Fortune differs for day births and night births. For day births -those occurring from the break of day until sunset- you subtract the position of the Sun from the addition of the Ascendant and the Moon, that is:

PoF = Ascendant + Moon – Sun

And for night births -those occurring from sunset until the break of day- you subtract the Moon’s position from the addition of the Ascendant and the Sun, that is:

PoF = Ascendant + Sun – Moon

Unlike the ancients, at this stage in our evolution, we are most fortunate to count on the resource of computer programs and websites endowed with magnificent astrological software, which do all the calculations for us on the spot. As you know, has pioneered this kind of service, and you can learn the placement of your Part of Fortune by going to the section Charts and Calculations on the main menu, then clicking on Extended Chart Selection>> Additional Objects>> Common elements>> Pars Fortunae.
(If you are interested in the actual calculation, check out Part 1 of Robert Hand’s article «The Lot or Part of Fortune«)

One of the fascinating implications of not having to do all the calculations yourself is that you can devote all your precious time and focus to a more honed interpretation of this mysterious four-fold point, which can reveal diverse psychodynamic tendencies at work. Regardless of the relevance you may choose to give it, you can use the opportunity the PoF offers to check on how the native´s Ascendant and Luminaries are functioning and assess if they are expressing their optimal potential. You can use it in horary, electional, and mundane astrology to get an intuitive feeling for the shadow side of any situation or choice.

To summarize, the Part of Fortune can be regarded as a highly reliable thermometer of empowerment since it arguably epitomizes the backbone of a birth chart by revealing its most pivotal equation. Both in natal and progressed charts, it blends what you do not know yet (your Sun) and your relationship to it (your Moon) with your physical body and existence (your Ascendant), thus supplying you with powerful guidance that encodes what you can become by displaying your most joyful and creative self in an ongoing present.

This numinous point endows you, therefore, with a valuable opportunity to get a grip on the changes that you may need to start making to activate your most fortunate self through a higher harmonization and a more holistic understanding of your human existence, in which you can accommodate more facets of yourself.

Since the Part of Fortune evokes the most coherent, natural ways in any chart to return to unity and being whole again, you may find it highly encouraging and empowering to read my interpretation of it in each of the 12 houses. Please, enjoy!

The Part of Fortune through the houses

House I: Meeting life and the cosmos in the nude

House II: The quintessence of all development

House III: The glory of thinking for oneself

House IV: The inscrutable pathways that drive to self-affirmation

House V: Accessing your Power through being self-referential

House VI: All that is gold does not glitter

House VII: The fair limit to your fulfilment

House VIII: Liberation and renewal in your very search for identity

House IX: The hub that connects Heaven and Earth

House X: Acknowledging and claiming your Power

House XI: The capacity to free yourself from the prison of matter

House XII: The unthinkable marriage of intuition and intelligence

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About the author:
Rosana Cueto Merayo

Rosana Cueto Merayo is a professional astrologer currently based in Spain, where she is an Intuitive Coach and Life Strategist. Holding a Bachelor´s degree in English Language and Literature by the Universitat de Barcelona, Spain, she studied in the Faculty of Astrological Studies, London. She has kept on enriching an ongoing learning through different alternative approaches to the spiritual realm, which include several oracular languages that she uses in a pretty unique interpretation of the cycles of time. She is also the translator of the Eclipse Report by Bernadette Brady into Spanish at
 C.G.Jung, Caroline Myss and Liz Greene are the main pillars of her intuitive coaching and astrological practice. She is the creator of the multilayered “Tu MetaCarta Astral” method of astrological analysis, which features several original astrological reports. And she is also the author of the novel Las Intermitencias del Amor, and of four non fiction books: Relaciones Kármicas, Tus Citas con el Cosmos en 2023 (Una Agenda Mágica) and La Parte de la Fortuna en tu Horóscopo.
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The scaffolding of our intuitive capacities: the Jupiter & Venus aspects to the Sun as clauses of Purification

I recently retrieved one of the jewels in my audio library, the series «Entering the Castle» by Caroline Myss, a genius revisiting of Teresa de Ávila´s work «The Inner Castle». I remember listening to it for the first time back in June 2013, when I was still pretty much in a constant tug-of-war with my own Mystic archetype, insisting that such a sacred pattern could fit the agenda of my wounded ego.

By that time it had not yet occurred to me that Astrology and Kabala can be – to me they are, in fact- interdependent symbolic languages that pave our way to Illumination. As intuitive astrologers we are feeling called to hone more and more the way in which we both feel and intuit any chart we are working with, and this is more and more possible now in the midst of all this vibrant Aquarian energy. The psycho-spiritual level in chart reading is more desirable, even more accessible, now than ever with all this Aquarian Light pouring down on us.

In this light I have felt drawn to listen again, with re-wired perceptual filters thanks to our Teachers, to the series Entering the Castle, where Myss explains the 3 Stages to the Mystical Experience, among which the first one happens in what she calls «the lower mansions», the Stage of Purification. This is where, she says, you find yourself with all the conflict that needs to be purified within, «discovering your reptiles» as Teresa herself said: the irritancy of the Shadow part of ourselves, our power struggles, our shadow emotions, our addictions, our interior dilemmas, our envy, jealousy, etc. These are all «reptiles» and the contents of the lower mansions, where our inability to love, to love ourselves, to love others and our judgments of ourselves and others are also included.

When entering this stage, Myss directs us to take notes, to write on what we in your soul are dialoguing about, because then we will find that our soul continues to talk to us. The lower mansions are about purification, and they are rigorous work: they are about practice, not about perfection. They are about us coming to say «I love this life I have», and getting to «stop being tormented by this new age propaganda that the life you have is not enough», Myss says, and the manufactured disease propaganda and psychic viruses that you should have more, be more, do more… Based on shame and spiritual perfectionism.

In the stage of Purification when scaffolding our intuitive capacities there is only one ambition. And that is Surrender. We realize how ambition may have been preventing us from feeling grateful with the life we have: our bodies, our eyesight, everything we have eclipsed by insisting that we are not happy because we are not getting what we want, and which makes us become greedy, competitive and vain. It makes us bitter and then we cannot hear any guidance. In other words, eclipsing our present moment makes our intuitive channel stay cluttered, fragmented and shaky.

In intuitive-astrological terms, I see this Purification stage as the natural realms of both the signs of Virgo and Scorpio, the natural 6th and 8th houses, the 20th and 24th paths of wisdom in the Tree of Life, respectively. The Scorpio stage of bio-psycho-mystical development resonates with the archetype of Death, in that it leads us to Acceptance: We start to activate the mystical heart by Accepting what Is, when we accept to feel life in its own terms. By necessity, we will oftentimes come into acceptance through subsequent dark nights and the de-layering of what is unauthentic in our ego and self-concept. The seeds of compassion herald a new life in our courage and willingness to let everything that we do not need any more burn away.

The Intuitive potential promised in the Sun and the highly intense feeling nature of Venus, then, meld together so that we can feel renewed enough to refine the structures and set the adequate scaffolding to keep on receiving intuitive guidance, once we have cleared the channel to a certain degree through a tipping point. And this is where Virgo and the Hermit archetype are the most precious energies at our disposal, because they are the forces that enable us to keep on tapping into our Essence and becoming those self-esteemed vessels to channel all the Light pouring down on us, incrementally, I would say. Hence, I see the Sun-Venus and Sun-Jupiter aspects (or the absence of them) as clauses in our Soul Contract, through which we can tap into all this Purification potential that facilitates a rewiring of our relationship to our intuitive capacities, while practically and psycho-spiritually, shamanic-ally sustaining our homecoming to the Soul.

My suggestion is that we can intuitively feel many nuances of how this sacred process of scaffolding through Saturn and Shadow work happens in any given chart, and how we can be individually proactive in such process – a process, indeed, of inner creativity. We can do so by looking at both the direct and indirect aspects that the Sun makes to Venus and Jupiter in the chart. If such aspects are not explicit, we can track them through indirect sources, such as natal Venus and/or Jupiter Retrograde -or Stationary- condition, and also through rulership and house placements. For example, the Sun in a chart may make no natal aspects to Jupiter, but if it is in Sagittarius and/or placed in the 9th house, the connection is already there.