Your 12 KEYS for 2022

We are about to enter the new year 2022 and it is time to download and receive our keys for evolution and success for the new incoming solar cycle. This individual, personalized handcrafted report of Your 12 Keys is conceived out of your Solar Revelation for 2022, my transcendent and unique version of the traditional astrological solar return.

Over the next pages I am going to reveal your 9 horizontal keys and your 3 vertical keys for 2022, all of these keys are personal and nontransferable, meaning that they will only work for you and your life path at this moment. As I said, Your 12 Keys are the result of several mathematical operations and the sacred geometry in your Solar Revelation, which has encoded all your potentials to be unfolded during 2022.

The 9 horizontal keys are divided into 3 rows and they will reveal to you 3 kinds of dynamics: the 3 neutral dynamics (a), the 3 conditioned dynamics (b) and the 3 evolutionary dynamics of power (c), respectively, in the Areas of your Present, Future and Past in your Solar Revelation. All of these dynamics are, in astrological terms, encoded in your first 9 astrological houses in your horoscope or natal chart and, therefore, they speak of “inherited” or conditioned dynamics in you that may be hampering your free will and the fuller expression of your potential.

Then, your 3 vertical keys are obtained. These are your 3 shamanic keys, the 3 archetypes or energy patterns which during this 2022 solar cycle are going to let you travel through time. This means that whenever you vibrate in the frequency of these 3 archetypes you will be able to access your shamanic consciousness and, hence, go back to the past, go forward into the future and move in time by always keeping your operational basis of authentic power safely in the present.

Consequently, this report dealing with sequences of information-energy is unique and so different to way you may have read about you in the past. So much so, that there are tow different versions available for your 12 Keys: the astrological version and the arkana version. Arcane means “secret content”, and the arkana is my preferred version for us to work in one-on-one sessions and tap into the full power of Your 12 Keys.

Next you are going to find the whole picture of your 12 Keys for 2022, including the 9 Horizontal Keys (3 for your Present, 3 for your Future and 3 for your Past) and the 3 Vertical Keys. As I said, the 3 vertical keys are your Shamanic Keys because they are the patterns that will allow you to experience Time in a more plastic and creative way, offering you specific personal tools, according to your very reality in 2022, so that you can transcend duality and obstacles at any given moment. As soon as we transcend the dualistic perceptual filters imposed by our rational mind, we are set free to move back and forward in time, and so we can find a more malleable framework in which to manifest our free will and potentials for this incarnation.

Get your report now! There are 2 versions available: The arkana version and the astrological version:

Your 12 KEYS for 2022, astrological version

29,95 €

Your 12 KEYS for 2022, Arkana version

29,95 €

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