A time for Sacred Activism: Delving into Aries through symbolic sight

Now that we are receiving the blessings of the Equinox and hopefully feel called to bring in more balance and sustainability into our evolutionary momentum, it is an adequate moment to recalibrate our experience of the Aries archetype. It is the good moment to reunite ourselves with the truth that Sacred Activism is a necessity now, perhaps, more than it ever was.

There is a tipping point for every species on this planet in course right now. And this is the now or never that we most feared but which, at the same time, motivates us the most into engaging sacred, intuitive action. This is a time for do-ing that which we never expected that we would do.

You will find it easier to set this sacred intuitive dynamics going in you, if you start by seeing the chart as the agreement that you made and in which absolutely everything is interconnected. No-one, nothing imposed your Soul Contract on you: you co-created and agreed to it in concert with other forces greater than you. And this contract, your natal chart, has embedded in it the main lines through which you are having a Unique Experience of Holism and Self-Esteem on this Earth.

In my opinion this is one of those truths that we tend to lose touch with, due to the false importance that we have given to the mind and our rational need for everything in this world «to have a reason» or be explainable in logical terms. The Divine does not care about logic so much, it is just one more facet of creation. Nor should we any more.

The radiance and potency of the Aries archetype resides in that it lets us be in direct rapport with what is at any given moment. The implications of this innate capacity in us are so powerful that we have mostly been acculturated to send Aries energy into our Shadow, lest we make actual conscious use of the inherent power in our physicality and its intuitive, natural rapport with the divine. But it is also true that many of us experiencing our Chiron return at these crucial moments, are awakening to the reality of that power awaiting in our codes…

Beyond the told and untold lists of adjectives, nouns and stereotypes of reference when dealing with the energy of Aries which, like everything else on this Earth, has a Luminous side and a Shadow side equally valuable, Aries is an invitation, or rather a propulsion, into our first experience of holism and the wounds that the lack thereof would inflict on us. As we are born, one of the primordial holistic truths that each of us come to experience on this planet is that «Others find us of value in their lives».

For the Astrology of the «me, me and then some more of me» this idea may seem not only challenging but, most of all, absurd. And that is good news- This proofs that we are on track!.

Sacred Activism includes changing, renewing, re-placing our perceptual filters and the way in which we see and understand ourselves in context to the Whole that we partake in. With this holism in our minds and in our bodies, it is less and less difficult to understand that our primordial presentation into this world happens because others find, found and will forever find us of value in their lives. So much so, that we have Soul Contracts with them, many of them we get to know personally, many others we will not. We have a unique place, a singular and heroic contribution to make in this sacred, miraculous fabric of earthly embodiment and existence, in which our value is real to everything that exists.

Of course such a truth may contradict your deeper core beliefs that you are not loveable, or that you are not valuable, therefore, how could others find you of value in their lives?. What a scary, what a rebellious possibility that is… Yet what a truthful, self-affirming, holistically rebellious principle to build Self-Esteem from!

Aries in its purest expression is an outpouring of the Divine Father into our Self, an active, intuitive energy which has, indeed, a hotline with the archetypal mind. There has not yet been any space to doubt or test our connection to our celestial nature, nor our worthiness: they are just a given. Thus, we freely and of our own volition engage and respond to mystical impulses. We feel the beauty of our physical vehicles as the earthly, in-spired expressions of the invisible realm.

Keeping this energy flowing and pristine is of vital importance not just for our astrological practice, but to our survival as a species as well. It will move us to just do anything to be an embodiment of value as a means both of honoring and preserving the life force that we now are summoned to devotedly channel through us for the sake of the Whole.

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