Remake your Self-Esteem in 22 Days: Revolutionizing your inner Self-Relationship

Remake your Self-Esteem in 22 Days
Remake your Self-Esteem in 22 Days: Revolutionizing your inner Self-Relationship

«Remake your Self-Esteem in 22 Days», in this powerful book I offer you a quantum practical avenue to revolutionize and re-vibrate your inner self-relationship through a holistic remake of your Self-Esteem. Your Self-Esteem is a vibrational system that is based on frequencies and it is organized through inherited, conditioned patterns, which tend to run mostly «on auto-pilot. These are the patterns or archetypes that your subconscious mind has been using to manage the ways in which you draw esteem and value from your interaction with others and the world, and which also set the tone of your inner Self-relationship and its quality.

If these archetypal patterns that manage your esteem are not in alignment with your optimal potential, self-limiting behaviours and life situations that seem to keep on repeating themselves tend to ensue. Indeed, when you are not in charge of your inner Self-relationship and your esteem system is managed unconsciously by «outer» forces, negative karma tends to gain momentum in your life, and you feel as if you are at the hands of some sort of spell, feeling like the victim of the poor cards dealt to you for this lifetime.

But the good news is that you can start to liberate yourself from these low-esteem loops, which make you keep on replicating unwanted life situations. You can revolutionize and choose the way you relate to yourself and, hence, start to esteem yourself anew through aligning to the Power that lies dormant and untapped in your Soul. Now, you can start to replace these old messages of low esteem and low worth and activate new affirming, life-enhancing patterns through this innovative 22 anchor-point re-calibration system.

Grounded in this emerging era of new Aquarian technology, this holistic Remake of your Esteem system is an innovative blend of spiritual direction, ritual and symbolic sight activation, which combines the power of intuitive astrology, the language of archetypes, magic, meditation and Light practices, it offers you an insightfully structured 22 anchor-point system that offers you a unique chance to remake your self-esteem through the power of Love and access to fundamental, albeit forgotten, mystical truths.

Click on the introductory video, or click on the link below to see the contents of my book and to learn more about this powerful off-the-charts system:

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When the Moon transits the sign of Capricorn you are summoned to anchor the truth in you that you were born to Feel Good about Who You Are. Your empowered holistic affirmation for these hours at the zenit of your Power, therefore, is «I feel good about who I am». The secret to accessing and embodying this truth is getting to include your whole chakra system in your everyday experience at any moment: For example if you like somebody´s articles, posts and what they share with you on a daily basis, consider making a monetary contribution to them so that they can keep working on sharing the information with you. In this way you will be including the 2nd and the 1st chakra in your experience, which will open up the space for more holism in your life. The full explanation of the Devil archetype and a model of Soul prayer for you to activate the truth «I feel good about who I am» in your actual experience beyond sheer theory is in my book «Remake Your Self-Esteem in 22 Days». Do not read it, if you do not really want your life to change!

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