«The Astrology of your Soul Contract»: The co-creative archetypal journey encoded in your natal chart

The Astrology of your Soul Contract

Your Soul Contract is the foundational agreement that you made with energies and beings from other planes before incarnating, and which is threaded together with the Contracts of those people you are going to grow with in your earthly experience. As seen and codified in your natal chart, your Soul Contract is an interactive, always-in-the-making dance between your Fate, the hand of cards you were dealt for this incarnation, and your Destiny, how you choose to play those cards, so to say.

Your Destiny is the conscious mystical commitment that you engage in with your life purpose. You are actively, unfolding through the cycles of time at work in our planet, an alchemical agent and a Miracle in the Power grid, who co-creates life and events through energy patterns called archetypes. That is the graceful and magical tissue that your Destiny is made of. Therefore, when you consciously focus on your life purpose with awareness of these patterns, thus letting your Destiny activate a higher voltage, a new chapter opens in the expression of your potential and a new range of opportunities opens up into new dimensions. This is so because archetypes are the actual language of the soul.

Now you have the unprecedented opportunity to get in the know of what your true archetypal backbone is as per your horoscope, in an original summarized version of what would be your full Soul Contract extended reading and report. In this unique astrological report, we disclose the core archetypal patterns that will lead you into your Destiny, inasmuch as the archetypal patterns and graceful ways to pull it off: your innate Soul archetypes encoded in you Moon sign, the spiritual muscle you are to develop shown by your natal Saturn, and some of the clauses in your Soul Contract by the agency of Chiron, the bridge between your mortal and your immortal halves.

Embark now into sacred, quantum self-knowledge and find out what you, as a unique being, came to experience through this present archetypal journey at this significant turning point in human evolution. You can request your try-out personal Soul Contract report just writing an email with your birth data ( name, time and place) to: astrologiaintuitiva17@gmail.com

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