Mercury Rx in Aquarius: From Rebellion to New Vision and Revolution

On January 15th Mercury set up for the first of its retrogressions in the Air signs, with the retrograde station occurring on January 30th at 26º Aquarius and the direct station at 11º Aquarius, on February 21st. With all the emphasis placed on the Air element throughout this year we are being summoned to deconstruct our minds, so that we can transition into new vision and access a new inner pantheon of power. We are being, indeed, challenged to reform our default biased sight based on linear thinking and limited perception… And replace it with clairvoyance, clear sight, and the multidimensional perception based on intuition, our soul´s perceptual system.

To this effect, we certainly need some new, upgraded inner wiring, if we are to channel a higher voltage of electricity. Hence, we are all together immersed in this vision quest to receive the new visions that we cannot even see yet, but that are already written in our potential. Whether we engage it more or less consciously, the sacred process of quest(ion)ing is forever a spiritual journey of realignment, which will reveal what our most sacred agreement with humanity is, and how to live that out.

The Great Conjunction inaugurated a cycle in which we are to experience a full flavour of the promethean sacrifices required to transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius in the short span of just one year. So, breakdowns, disruption and, yes, more chaos, are to be expected, but also hopefully some unprecedented, miraculous breakthroughs and revelation. We should not disregard the fact that, even if the pandemic may resolve to a good extent over the year, we are going to still be left with an age of psychic viruses, disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, denial of reality, political tribalism, and yet many other unsolved issues… And at this karmic tipping point for humanity, how each of us wants to relate to that complex reality and how we can all heal that together will be our greatest, promethean, challenge.

In any case, the heavens always have our best interests at heart and, in synchronicity, the Mercury retrogrades are happening in the Air element so that we can actively cultivate more and more openness and become willing to activate multisensory, expanded thinking, in order to see bigger truths and bigger realities out of our default, more limited – and destructive- scope. Our breakthroughs and new systems will come from our ability to perceive using a 360º scope, rather than being stuck in linear dual terms.

Generally speaking, retrogressions are typically disintegrating phases. And Hermes now takes on the Aquarian meta-theme, making an emphatic statement of our need to break apart how we think, how we perceive through the mind and how we process information, so that we can undo all those mental sets that no longer serve us. It is in our cosmic agenda to let go of tribal thinking to make room for independent thinking.

But what mental sets exactly are, then, being called upon to be re-vised and re-formed?

The ones that cannot accomodate New Vision. We as humans have the potential capacity for 360º mutidimensional thinking. All of us have the inherent capacity to think not just in ordinary linear terms, but we can also perceive and process information in symbolic, multidimensional terms. However, most of us do not feel empowered enough, or are just not willing yet, to use this capacity to use and expand ourselves through the sense of sacred vision. Instead, we tend to relegate these magical perceiving abilities to any geniuses, visionaries, liberators and people that we collectively tag as “extraordinary”, projecting our own luminous uniqueness away, as if its expression were only the privilege of a few. When the truth is that a genie is waiting to come out of the bottle… in each and every one of us.

So, both the micro-cycles and the bigger cycles are going to be all about Revolutionizing our Minds ready for multisensory, non-linear perception and activating sacred sight in us. And this unfolds as a karmic natural progression of everything that we experienced in 2020 and, most notably, our inner Rebellions. While a Rebellion is a confrontation of old systems, a Revolution is about instituting a new system that sets new -more egalitarian- rules in place. Before delving any further into the subject of what freedom needs to mean now and what the rebel to revolution process is about, I encourage you to read my recent article on the Rebel archetype:

The Aquarian energy thrives through the Intuitive Mind and inter-dimensional thinking and, therefore, we now need to consciously delve into what it is that dictates what we see… Because our true revolution happens every time that we get to this spherical, intuitive vision of how we co-create our lives. It is this initiation into sacred sight what brings about real freedom. It is the liberation that starts within us, when we let our individual minds be touched by the light, what sets the organic flow of social transformation ( please note that the order of factors does alter the product here).

Now let us retrieve the treasure that Caroline Myss has for us in her book Sacred Contracts, regarding two archetypes that fall under the umbrella of the sign of Aquarius, the Visionary and the Liberator, to get a full intuitive feeling of what is animating the psychic field at this crucial moment of our human evolution.  

About the Visionary archetype, Myss says that it “(…) lets you imagine possibilities that are beyond the scope of your individual life and that benefit all of society. The Visionary brings into view what could be if certain choices are made, or what is inevitable given choices that have already been made (…) Both the Visionary and the Prophet engage their abilities in behalf of humanity rather than for personal use, but while many Prophets are rejected by the group they were sent to enlighten, Visionaries tend to be celebrated for their capacity to read what is just over the horizon.

The shadow Prophet or Visionary manifests as a willingness to sell one´s visionary abilities to the highest bidder, or to alter one´s vision to make it more acceptable to society. In extreme cases, tainted visions may lead entire societies into murderous or destructive rampages; then the Destroyer archetype may supersede the Visionary, as in the case of Hitler, Stalin and Mao.”

And about the Liberator archetype, Myss says that: “We tend to think of Liberators as great military and political leaders who free an entire country or people from servitude, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Simón Bolivar of Venezuela, Nelson Mandela and, depending on your politics, Lenin, Castro, and Che Guevara. In everyday life, however, any number of people can play a similar role on a smaller scale, helping to liberate us from the tyranny of self-inflicted negative thought patterns and beliefs, spiritual sluggishness, poor nutrition, destructive relationships, or addictive behaviour. This archetype can be an invaluable ally in helping to free us from old, entrenched beliefs and attitudes that have been inculcated from without, much like occupying colonial armies. Jesus, Muhammad and the Buddha were Liberators in this sense, offering options to the violence, suffering and spiritual stagnation of their respective times and places. You do not have to be a charismatic leader to have this archetype, though. Thousands of people have taken part in long campaigns to win freedom from various kinds of oppression, from the Freedom Riders of the civil rights movement in the United States to the freedom fighters of the Hungarian revolution.

The shadow Liberator manifests in those who would liberate us from one tyrant only to impose their own tyranny over our lives – corporate, political, religious and spiritual leaders who speak of freedom as a way to their individual aggrandizement.”

What does, then, freedom need to mean now? This is the question that this Mercury retrograde is going to have us pondering on and, hopefully, resolving.

During the following weeks, up until March 14th when the integration phase of the Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius concludes, we need to understand that vision is not something that comes out of the mind, but from something greater. We need to understand that our mental sets now will not produce the Vision that we need. It is time to get our minds out of the way and turn to the conduits of imagination and intuition -conduits that then, yes, inform the mind- so that we can obtain that new vision.

This realization, as challenging and uncomfortable as it may be, is the very initiation into sacred sight that springs in each of us as an act of true rebellion, and which gives the seeds of the status quo breaking apart so that more holism through new rules and new power can emerge. However, all of this requires new archetypal dynamics, as higher voltage will forever demand new, more powerful wiring in any electrical circuit.  

2021 is, hence, going to have us looking at the archetypal patterns of communication, decision making and relating. We are to assess how the mind creates associations and the karma of limited thinking, a karma that is coming up throughout the year… The point of it being that we can all come to understand in a very different way the usefulness of the mind, and how certain platitudes and thought forms such us “thinking things through” or “thinking outside of the box” may be limiting us. In fact, thinking outside of the box is not even possible, since the mind itself is the box and, so, we have to go to a 3rd sense that is called our Intuition. And, as alchemists say, tertium non datur, which in more colloquial terms means that intuition is not a given, but a capacity that, albeit innate in all of us, each of us has to earn.  

More specifically, in order to gradually access our intuition and activate our Sacred Sight, we are summoned by the coming retrogrades in Air to look at when and how our minds become sick, disassociated from reality, divorced from reality and mystical truth. It is time for us to understand how our minds become highjacked by shadow archetypes, how we collapse out of compassion and 360º thinking into dualist thinking and judgement, projection, scape-goating, blaming, etc. We are to become aware of those circumstances in which we are unable to contain our triggering and just replicate our behaviour, losing our alignment with any conscious choice, much to the detriment of everything that is.

Therefore, seeing where we are linear and limiting our perception to just 1, 2 or even 3 dimensions in any given areas of our experience and will not access multidimensional perception, is the key in this vision quest, and a wonderful door into our Shadow … to get to new vision. Questions such as “how does a linear thinker see events?”, “how much can you trust your mind?”, or “where do those visions of

ourselves that are not practically realizable come from?” are going to be on the table for us to find our reality markers, our truth markers, together. And the first opportunity to “get our minds out of the way” comes with this current Mercury retrograde in Aquarius.  

Do not miss this opportunity and harness the quality of this time to get to know your archetypes, the alive forces in you that create and produce your very throughts!. Contrarily to what you may have been hearing, your thoughts are in fact the caboose on the train of the reality that you create at any moment, whereas your archetypal patterns are the engine.

The Aquarian task of setting yourself to identify those -inherited, default, sabotaging – patterns and start to differentiate yourself from them, so as to activate new ones that are more creative and life-enhancing, is the revolutionary process that the humanity you have an individual Soul Contract with are hoping for. If you are reading this article, it is not by happenstance. It is likely because it is in your Destiny to become a beacon, more precisely, a Light-bearer.

 We all have an individual contract to evolve society. What is yours?, Hermes is asking.

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