The Jupiter & Saturn conjunction in Aquarius and the Rebel archetype

2020 is coming to an end and Saturn and Jupiter are just about to delight us with the first and last exact conjunction they are making in this year, and that will remain in orb through January and February 2021. It is such a beautiful synchronic event that both social planets should ingress into the sign of Aquarius hand in hand – Saturn´s ingress will occur on December 17th and Jupiter only 2 days later, on the 19th – that we cannot but pay close attention to the symbolic implications of this happy (?) “co-incidence”. We have been talking extensively about their amalgamatio with Pluto in Capricorn over these two years. But never got they as close as they are going be over the next few weeks, a period full of opportunities and, yes, challenges. We are indeed being summoned to figure out the pile of karma, i.e. the results of our actions, that we have on both the individual and the collective level.

One of the most effective ways to start engaging in the potential of any zodiacal sign is by getting in the know of what subarchetypes the archetypal sign is activating. Happening in Aquarius, a fixed sign which wants us to elaborate on the themes that emerged in the preceding cardinal sign, the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction is going to require of us that we be experimental and implement our revolutions, whether small or bigger, in order to be the catalysts of greater global change. Since they are respectively the Seed Planter and the Reaper, I love describing any Jupiter-Saturn conjunction as a merging of wave and particle. On a microcosmic level, those of us in particular who have natal Jupiter and Saturn in hard aspect are likely to have a pretty psycho-dynamic time, not only over the next months, but I would say that during the whole period that Saturn stays in Aquarius, until March 2023.

The last 3 times that Jupiter and Saturn were so closely together, (… …)

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