Problems of our Time

«Ocean pollution is worsening because of the increased use of plastic and the lack of good solutions for recycling to keep plastic out of the ocean.»


Marine life is suffering 

«Plastic pollution harms many different ecosystems. Turtles and Fishes mistake pieces of plastic for food. Whales cannot filter out pieces of plastic. Over 40% of sea birds have ingested plastic.» 


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is larger than Texas
«A garbage patch in the ocean can contain huge amounts of plastic. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch contains 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic, or 80,000 tons of garbage.»
Toxins enter our food chain
«Microplastics, plastic pieces smaller than 5 mm, absorb chemicals from ocean water. Once ingested by fish and other sea animals, these toxins are released, carried in the bloodstream, and stored in the fatty tissues. When we eat these marine animals, the toxins enter our bodies.»

(OceanHero Sources)


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